Friday, December 01, 2006

My Scrapbook Nook

In this little base house there is a little room that I lovingly call My Scrapbook Nook. That little scrapbook nook hosts a constant source of inspiration in my ability to create cards and scrapbook layouts. The energy I get from being in that room is amazing! The bright colors that keep the senses alive is the best part. I love color, especially when it's arranged in the rainbow manner. My spools of ribbon that hang over head is just once source of energy, then there's how I have my card stock arranged, again in the roy-g-biv manner (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet).

I actually look forward to our next move because it gives me hope that I will have a larger space that I can call My Scrapbook Nook. I do realize that I've been blessed with my little space. Since moving here I have downsized the materials that I don't use or are no longer interested in using. I've donated them to a good cause. My space is limited and I need to go through what I have in there from time to time and just "cull the heard" so to speak. Have you done this lately to your scrapbooking stash? Look at donating those unwanted items to a local girls and boys club or the children's ward at your local hospital, they will greatly appreciate your donations!

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