Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yea it's Tuesday!

I'm so glad that it's Tuesday, it just seems to be an easier day of the week than Monday.

I've got 1001 things I want to get working on today...most of them being scrapbook related projects. Of course I want to whip up something for dinner that I know the kids will love, so I think I'll make quesadillas (everyone here loves those). Those go quickly and it won't take away too much time from my scrapbooking today.

Christmas parties- yes we have MORE of those to attend this week. I also want to get working on layouts from the pictures we took while at some of the parties we've recently been at.

There's the OSC's come to mind that I have never shared those layouts. Well I've got to get some more work down on those albums (there are 4 of them plus my own). I want to get them finished up and then post the layouts to my webshots page.

My mind is always working on it scrapbooking, cooking up a new recipe, sewing, counted cross stitching or thinking about a new book that I started to read. Never mind that restless leg syndrome, I have restless mind syndrome, LOL! I've always got something going on.

No Tuesday the 12th picture as of yet for my picture a day. Then again it is quite early yet.

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