Thursday, February 08, 2007

aaahhhh the delights of base housing will they ever cease?

I'm hoping that today goes much better than yesterday. Although it's not looking too good at the moment...first off I was awake from 2 am until 5:15 am...I love my cat but seriously I'm ready to lock her up somewhere! I think that our cat misses my husband.

So far today the water heater seems to be working. We shall see if the pilot light goes out again. Andrew didn't say anything this morning, then again he didn't say anything after his cold shower yesterday either. So who knows what's in store there!

It hit the local news last night, it's now official...Ellsworth AFB will stop providing bus service here on the base as of March 1st, 2007. For those that thought that the city of Box Elder provided that service they are mistaken. It's a $400,000+ a year contract, basically it comes down to funding. Our base wasn't allocated funding to keep the bus program running. Heck as it is, the 2007/2008 school year will be without bus service too. Yet another reason to live off base.

Yup, another day in my life, LOL! I suppose that I should take a picture of the buses stopping at the bus stop one last time eh? I can put that in my picture a day scrapbooking page and journal about it.

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