Thursday, February 01, 2007

Welcome to February!

Baby it's cold outside! How cold? Lets just say that we've been told not to go out without being covered up all over (no bare skin). I don't know about you, but I really don't like this kind of weather, it acres me to think that I (or anyone) could get frost bite in an instant just by stepping out of doors. So with that very thought in mind I've decided to do 3 things today, work in my scrapbook nook, bake a cheesecake for Saturday's baby shower (I'm part of a committee that is hosting a baby shower for a neighbor) and I'm going to make a big pot of vegetarian chili. So no matter what I am going to be staying warm today!

I started going through my collection of patterned paper yesterday. I wanted to take a good look at it all and really see what I have one hand. I found that I had a drawer stuffed full of 12x12 paper and cardstock that needed to be put away. Oh my gosh I have several sheets of a few particular papers...they will need to find a new home since I have used them already in creating a few layouts. There's nothing wrong with them, it's just that I've used them quite a bit already and am wanting to use something else besides those handful of papers. I had to get brutally honest with myself and purse all of my Making Memories water color papers. I thought that maybe I'd use them in creating some recipe pages, but if I haven't used them since we moved from Virginia in 2003, I'm not about to use them now. I did use them quite a bit a few years ago, but I've moved past those products and am now on to other things. The girlfriend that owns them now is quite happy with them and I am glad that they are now with someone who will use them :-)

I'm going through the rest of of my printed/patterned paper collection and will be really tough with myself and make a serious effort in weeding out even more papers and even make some layouts with stuff that has been hanging around for way too long. I've got some various pieces of Victorian style floral paper that would make a terrific vintage looking layouts. I want to give them a try today. I'm serious about making a dent in my stash of scrapbooking supplies this year! I'm allowing myself to buy 8½x11 cardstock for making cards and my journaling blocks for my picture a day a year in my life scrapbooking projects and some scrapbooking tools here and there. But seriously, I am cutting back on the amount of printed papers I own and I'm trying hard not to buy any more without using them immediately! I started counting how many pieces I had yesterday and frankly speaking I was astounded at finding out that I own 1357+ pieces of patterned paper and that was without counting in the 3 inch stack of Making Memories water color collection paper. That's when I decided that I HAVE to make a more serious attempt at lowering the numbers this collection of mine and find new homes for some of these papers. No wonder why I find myself frequently with the feeling of being crowded in my own little scrapbook nook...the paper is taking over, LOL! So off I go with a fresh mug of Swiss Chocolate Almond coffee (with cream) to get rid of at least another 2 or 3 inches of paper today!

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