Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My house is being worked on!

I received an e-mail from my friend Cindy (who lives down the street from our soon to be new home) letting me know that workers have been there all day :-) that makes me very happy! Cindy by the way has been a huge help in the process of buying our new home. She has given us many great tips and ideas on doing things with this house.
I've been keeping myself busy going through things in my little house. I can't believe that I have culled 55 movies from our collection, that's a lot of movies! Almost all of them are Disney (VHS) movies. With our kids now being a teenager and a pre-teen (also known as tween), those kinds of movies no longer hold any interest for them. Part of me is sad because my kids are past that age, but the other part says off they go to the box "for future sale". I'm also planning on getting rid of a lot of Tupperware. I had a ton of it when I moved here and systematically I've been purging it from my cupboards, it's things like those spice containers that I no longer use. I'm considering the possibility of using them in my scrapbook nook to hold embellishments such as buttons and small fabric flowers. We shall see what I come up with, it's either re-purpose them or get rid of more hanging around taking up valuable space.
I'm still in shock at the fact that I'll be having windows in my new scrapbook nook...and two windows at that! And they both open, I don't know if I can handle that, LOL! Now to think about window's going to need to be something fun and cheery. I'm going to have to create something using "happy fabric". Something in the line of Mary Engelbreit...yup she makes HAPPY stuff! I'm just doing the happy dance with the thought of having a bright and cheery Scrapbook Nook with windows!!! I'm going to get my photo's printed and ready to scrap about the house building (or house finishing in my case) process. It's VERY exciting stuff!

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