Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Kitchen

Here are the 2 different views into the kitchen. You can see in the 1st picture what I call the Dr. Seuss light fixture over the sink. I've never heard of a chandelier hanging in the kitchen before but hey I'm up to trying new things.

Here you see the vinyl flooring. It looks like tile and has a rather pebble like texture. I'm considering having Pergo laminate wood flooring put down in here. We're going to have Pergo installed in the foyer and in the downstairs home office (aka My Scrapbook Nook). Vinyl flooring is okay for the bathrooms and the laundry room, but in the high traffic and high visibility rooms I want to have a more cohesive look. Now I have to swing this latest idea of mine to past my husband. The white appliances that you see will be coming out (they will be garage sale items after we move in) and will be replaced by stainless steel appliances. If you haven't noticed, I'm all about everything flowing together and having that cohesive look. This is not my forever home, alas...I have one more home to buy in the future. So for us, this home again is all about resale.

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