Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

It's cold outside, really cold! It was minus 8 last time I looked, and let me tell you... I don't care to be out in that again! Yesterday the snow plows came while I was out running errands and I had to shovel snow before I could pull up in the drive way, ugh! Well I did it, it wasn't easy by any means but I got it done :-) The really funny thing was that I just finished putting the shovel away and guess husband drives up. Some times you just have to shake your head. But he did help me to bring in the groceries and other items I bought.

I had to get some wine glasses for this Wine and Cheesecake Tasting party we're having this weekend. It's a Mission Support Group thing...each month a different person from the group hosts a party, it gets people together in a non-work environment. So we've been to 2 of these parties so far...the all holidays celebrated in December one was a huge success and the Murder Mystery party was the best New Years Eve party ever! There's this funky Pink Flamingo that gets stuck in your yard and that lets everyone know that the next party is at your house. Usually it gets stuck there in the middle of the night and it's a surprise to you too, LOL!!! This is such a fantastic group of people, I love them all!

House Hunting- Yes we're still in the process, and today we're going to look at 4 more houses. We're looking at buying a new house. Our intentions were to buy a previously owned home and just move in. But alas, that didn't pan out. So here we are onto plan "b" new construction. I am shaking my head at this because this will be in fact our 3rd new house. My m-i-l must be beside herself with this one as her house is something like 105 years old- eek! But with all of that aside I am thinking that we have whittled it down and will be able to make a decision on a house by this weekend. What an exhausting experience this has been. It's rough trying to buy a house on your own without ones spouse being around, especially when there are features that we are both looking for in a house. The 3 car garage is a must, especially with weather like this. Storage space and a working kitchen are essential and a 5 bedroom house seems to be what we are leaning towards. Lets face it, I need a scrapbook room and we really do need a guest room, the inflatable mattress thing isn't cutting it in the least! We have guest room furniture that is in storage, we could actually use it after being in a crate for 4 years.

I've got to get into the kitchen and bake- I've got a charity event tomorrow and one of my prize cheesecakes is going to be raffled off. Then there's also the fact that I've got to bake 5 or 6 different kinds of cheesecakes for the cheesecake tasting party on Saturday.

I'm off like a dirty shirt! Have fun on Valentines Day and most of all...Eat Chocolate!

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