Saturday, February 24, 2007

Better Organization

I started purging those plastic boxes from all of those Stampin Up stamp sets...and do I feel better for it too! I started loading the stamps into the clear shoe box of it's particular category and WOW! I've cleared out an entire self in our large linen closet. I have to say that it really has made a big difference. I didn't think that it would make as much of an impact as it has, WOW! So by reducing all of those plastic boxes that the stamp sets came in, I cleared up an entire 3 foot by 2 section in the linen closet and I had them stacked at least 14 inches high. Those plastic boxes really do take up a lot of room, a lot more room than the clear plastic shoe boxes. I feel so free, no more will I think about having to keep those boxes around!

Today I will need to buy MORE shoe boxes as I want to put my alphabet stamps in them and just keep my phrase stamps in my blue Iris cart. I like to have the phrase stamps right at hand. Everything is put into a category, it works very well that way- for me.

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