Friday, February 09, 2007

The death of Anna Nicole Smith and other news...

Praise the Lord, we have funding for our school buses until the end of school (May). I do thank the Lord for miracles great and small. Being without busing here on base would put so many of our military families in hardship situations. There are many families that rely on the base Youth Center for before and after school care. Well if the bus service was indeed cancelled that before and after school care service provided by the Youth Center would no longer be available because of the fact that there are so many children and lets face it, the youth center has access to a 15 passenger van but that can't be relied upon for to and from school transportation, not when you have as many as 40 or more kids that use this service.

I didn't read the news on line nor watch it on TV yesterday. I started reading it today and saw that Anna Nicole Smith had passed away. She suffered so much tragedy in these last few months of her life. It's all just so sad, very very sad. My heart goes out to her baby daughter that will never know her mother, and to her teenage son that she leaves behind.

Looks like Mad Cow Disease is back in the news also known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy. It's been found in Alberta Canada. IS this a cause for concern? I think so.

My have the NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak and the trouble she's gotten herself into. I wonder about the testing that NASA puts their astronauts they preform psychological evaluations on a regular basis on these people? And I was surprised to learn that there aren't any rules or regulations about the astronauts developing personal relationships; as I see it, that can only lead to trouble later on. I was reading on MSNBC about the mid-air near miss accident when a NASA Astronaut was within 100 feet from an airplane full of passengers- here's the link to that story it's an interesting story.

And then there's that idiot in Idaho that stole hundreds of women's panties. What is up with that??? What a perve! Talk about a nut case!

Yup it's an interesting day in the new today!

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