Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My NEW Scrapbook Nook

I must be driving the contractor crazy with my last minute things...but seriously though I do need the room to my Scrapbook Nook to open outward. If I don't do that, then it will take up nearly 3 feet of floor space and all of us scrapbookers and stampers know how much we can cram into 3 feet of space right? LOL!

I'm going back today with my metal measuring tape to re-measure the 2 large windows in the front of the house. I'm hoping that I will be able to use the 71 inch wide blinds on them, if not then I'll have to go with the 70 inch and pay about $30 per window MORE. Is that just nuts or what? Paying MORE for something that is one inch more narrow? Doesn't seem possible but there it is.

My dear friend Kim (who is quite the enabler I dare say) sent me a link to an awesome scrapbook room over at 2 peas. I let her know that I loved that room didn't know if my husband would love it (because it's something right up my alley and would take him some time to get it done for me). But strangely enough he really liked the idea. I was looking around at other scrapbook rooms on 2 peas and saw this FAB one that was done in my 2 favorite colors...Bright Pink and Bright Green. I swear, I was in love with that room at first sight! I don't know how it will go over when I have to sell the house in 2010, but hey I'd be happy as a clam now! That room just screams happiness to me look in the gallery under "mccaligiuri" , it's a charming room down to the light on her desk and the valances with fringe hanging up over the windows I love everything about this room!

I am having hardwood laminate flooring put in this room...for obvious reasons. I want the wheels on my drafting chair to roll smoothly. Okay there are other reasons, easy clean up when working with things like stamp pads, beads and acrylic paints. Lets face it, things get spilled and I want to have as much of an easy clean up as possible! I'm a light colored wood flooring person which is different as how I like to choose my carpet- for some strange reason, I adore gray colored carpet but light colored wood flooring, go figure :-) For the foyer and the scrapbook nook aka home office (we've been telling our Realtors it's a home office) I chose a light colored Oak hardwood laminate flooring. I've had real hardwood flooring before and it's a royal pain to take care of, this stuff is just as nice, a fraction of the cost and it's easy to take care of...and you can't beat that with a stick!

Well I better grab some more coffee vacuum, toss in a load of laundry and head out to the house with my measuring tape. I've got lets see if I can use these blinds I bought or do I have to buy the more expensive ones?

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