Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Clearing out the Clutter...

So here I am getting ready for yet another big purge of "stuff" from our home. Just when I thought that there wasn't anything more that I could possibly get rid of I decide to part with MORE. Really, how is that possible??? I amaze myself with this latest revelation. I gave away hundreds of sheets of printed paper to my girlfriends that scrapbook. I'm not sure if there's more I'd like to get rid of in my scrapbook nook at this time. I keep hemming and hawing on those Fiskars decorative edge scissors...We use them once in a while on other projects. Now I do know that there's oodles of stuff to donate or sell off in a garage sale from my kitchen. I'm going to hold off on donating it and just sell it off in April.

I read an article the other day in a woman's magazine about "not letting the home office invade you bedroom". Well it's rather late for that since the home office is located IN our bedroom (there was no other place for it). I can not begin to tell you how much I dislike having the computer, printers filing cabinet and more in our bedroom. It disrupts the feeling of relaxation, I can never get away from this bothers me greatly! But now there is an end in a month this stuff will be located in another room- one that IS NOT the master bedroom. What a relief that will be for me!

Hannah has done a great job of clearing out the junk from her desk drawers. She's done exactly like the professionals on the show "Clean Sweep" have done...3 piles, toss, donate and keep. I am quite impressed! I think that Andrew and I both can take Hannah's lead and get cracking on our stuff. Andrew especially needs to do this in his room...that boy of mine never gets rid of anything (he's a junior pack-rat). Even though I have purged a great deal I do feel that I can get rid of even more stuff from this house. The Jr ROTC clothing drive had me getting rid of all of those old clothing items that I've been hanging on to for years. I've still got some more that I'm contemplating on getting rid of. They are things like hand knit sweaters that my mother made when I was a little girl. Hannah never wore them because the wool was way to itchy for her sensitive skin. I have some purses and things that I can get rid of, ones that I don't use. But those can wait until we get into the new house. We'll have a big garage sale after we move in.

The birds...oh am I ready to give them away! I can vacuum around that cage 3 times a day and it will still not be enough. Those Zebra Finches are in a nutshell...MESSY!!!!! And noisy, every time you turn on the stereo or TV they start getting louder and louder. There are days when I just want to wheel their cage outside- did I happen to mention that it's freezing cold outside? I just don't want to have this bird seed and bird poop mess in my new house. It's no longer fun when you have to constantly nag your children on a daily basis to give their pets fresh food and water. And lets not even talk about cleaning the cage, that right there is more like mission impossible. The cat can stay, but we're going to have only the 1 matter how much Hannah begs us for a 2nd kitty. I'm going to see if the Youth Center here on base is looking to get another donation of Zebra Finches. I fell bad about this but you know what, it's time to let someone else appreciate the birds.

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