Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Being frustrated..

The military life style just isn't glamorous, LOL! Some folks think ooh and aah about the places you can be assigned to. We for those of us with the B-1 bomber it's not like we can ever get an assignment to cool places like England, Sicily or Germany (don't I wish). Nope we get places like Abilene Texas and Rapid City South Dakota...there's nothing glam about these places what so ever. They're more like hometown places, places where nothing really goes on beyond the hosting of a central state fair. I'm just glad that there's an airport!

Today's frustration is pointed at our health insurance. I know, I least we have health insurance right? Well I remember when all of our health care costs were ZERO. Now look at us...I submit a bill for $2000.00 of which I had to pay up front and I get reimbursed $391.04 talk about feeling ripped off by my insurance company. I'm beside myself. So not only did it take me almost a year to get my daughter her surgery, now I have to fight for the full cost reimbursement of her surgery- which I was promised by our health care provider- augh!
And now I've got a referral to get authorised for a speech pathologist for my daughter to be evaluated for her breathing...Tricare (aka try to get care) doesn't want to pay and United Concordia doesn't want to pay...augh!!!!!! So now I have to go through hoops all over again to get this taken care of. You have no idea how much I wish that I had private health-care insurance!

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