Monday, February 12, 2007

Guess what...more snow

Yes we have MORE snow. As a matter of fact, it's supposed to snow all day long (nice- yes I'm being sarcastic). Our daughter Hannah has a bad head cold, she's been fighting it all weekend long. So with that we're cancelling Girl Scouts- no need to spread those nasty head cold germs around.

My Sunday wash day has spread over to Monday (again). Lots of sweaters to get washed and to be hung to dry. Towels, with this many towels one would think that we had a swimming pool again, LOL! But ever since Hannah's surgery I refuse to let her use a towel more than once. Call me a germ freak, LOL!

The snow plows have not been down our street. The snow is piling up rather quickly. I have no desire to shovel snow again- I don't care if it's fluffy snow it's still a lot of work!

Now to get to work on some more of my layout sketches. I want to get lost in my scrapbook nook just playing with "stuff" in general.

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