Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just another day in the neighborhood

Have you ever noticed how much better a nice long shower or hot steamy soak in the tub makes you feel? For me it's total relaxation. I really hate feeling rushed in the morning, it makes my entire day seem a little off.

I'm going to go out and take some pictures today...we have demolition going on here at the base. An entire neighborhood of older base houses are being knocked down and I want pictures of it!

There are some things I have to go through...I have a question for you that buy Stampin Up rubber stamps. Do you keep those plastic boxes that the stamps come in or do you go through the stamps and organize them by category like floral, sayings, backgrounds etc? I tell ya, I'm getting rather tired of having to go through all of those little boxes looking for for a phrase, or a certain flower stamp. What is the purpose of keeping them in those boxes versus taking them out and organizing them into categories and keeping them in those clear shoe boxes with labels on them? I'd like to see who does what with their stamps. I'm so ready to toss all of those boxes into the recycle bin!

Now I'm off to do some errands, take pictures and to deliver some frozen pieces of cheesecake!

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