Monday, February 26, 2007

The Windows...and other things

I measured the windows and bought blinds today! Now I didn't buy anything for the sliding glass door or for the 2 long and narrow side windows next the sliding glass door (those windows are odd sizes, long and very narrow). And there's that HUGE half round window about the front door...I think that I'll design and make a window treatment to go up there...just like I did for the half round window at out last house. So many things to think about, so many things to get done.

I've got the flooring picked out, it's called "Milky Way" for the vinyl in the kids bathroom and the laundry room, it's beautiful shades of slate blue, browns and creams. The carpet is matched to the rest of the house which is color is called "Nutria" which reminds me of oatmeal with some dark brown flecks to it. I decided to go with "Bruce" laminate flooring, it's made by Armstrong. I loved the different colors of the laminates, there were so many to choose from. I went with one of the lighter colored floors, do I remember the name of it? Nooooooooo, LOL! I'll have to call the flooring center and get the names and brands of what we ordered so I can out them in our file.

More dry wall was being put up today, and my Scrapbook Nook is really taking shape. I changed how the door was going to close. Instead of closing inward, I'm having it go outward. I need as much space in that room as I can possibly give myself :-)

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