Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Please say a prayer for our deployed spouses

Please keep our dear friends Mike and Jennifer in your payers. Mike is leaving for a deployment soon (Wednesday) and their 3 week old baby was admitted to the hospital Sunday night with a high fever. Mike actually got his deployment date pushed back a day...thank the Lord for the small miracles as well as the big ones. Jennifer is a wonderful soft spoken christian Mom who home schools her 5 other children. My biggest fear is that Jennifer will think that she is burdening her friends by calling on them when she needs help. I reassured her husband that we are there for her morning, noon and night, that when we (there's a group of 5 of us- not including Jenn) that she can call upon for help at any time.

From my close friends here at Ellsworth, there are quite a few with spouses being deployed. Of my close knit group of friends, there are only a handful of us with spouses currently here. With us doing a back to back assignment here, yes that does put my husband in contention with doing at least 2 more deployments. I'm actually okay with that, why? Because I know that I have a tight knit group of friends that I can call upon when the going gets tough.

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