Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sheesh! is it Monday again?

I tell you, it feels like Monday to me! It's time to put another crazy day on the books for this Air Force Family, no doubt about that!

The cat kept me up from 2:30 am until almost 4 am. I was ready to toss her put into the garage, but since it snowed last night and it was below freezing I didn't do it...I thought about it though! Then of course I woke up late, got the kids up about 45 minutes later than I normally get them up. Oh yeah it's a rough start to say the least. And of course we HAD to get snow last night, so I have to warm up the kid mobile, shovel snow and remove the snow from the kid mobile all before 7:30 am. And of course as I am literally getting ready to walk out the door the phone rings...I see it's a number form on base (I love caller id)'s my husband calling to let me know that he's arrived safely to his destination. I brief him on the situation with the negotiations with the house and so forth, and let him talk with the one child who is still in the house. I get the kids to school on time and drive on out to Wal-mart. Why do I need to go to Wal-mart so darn early? 1- to avoid any crowds and 2- to get some 35 mm film and batteries for my camera. My husband took the digital camera with him on his trip and I need a camera today to get pictures of our daughter receiving an award today at school. Ah the life of a military wife is not an easy one...not by any means.

Now I'm waiting on a phone call and then to head out to the Realtors office again. One of the hardest parts of this negotiating thing is waiting to hear back from the home owner...has he accepted my bid? Or are we on our way to yet another phase of negotiations?

Well I just talked to my agent...looks like I'm off to yet another phase in the negotiations. I should know more by 12 if I can wait and not develop an ulcer between now and then. Here's a little known fact...I'm not very good about waiting for things to happen.

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