Sunday, February 25, 2007

We bought appliances!!!

I'm so happy I can hardly contain myself! We bought all of our appliances yesterday! We also bought a new kitchen faucet, a digital programmable thermostat, one of those curved shower curtain rods (those are sooooo nice)- would have bought 2 but they only had 1 brushed silver one left, and of course I had to have a bunch of those plastic shoe boxes for my rubber stamps, LOL!

I'll have to get some pictures of what we bought and post them. I'm seriously psyched about the new stove! It's got 5 gas burners and the convection oven duel fuel thing going on (gas and electric), with a duel oven too! This baby rocks! And my groovy Kitchen Aid refrigerator, ooh whee! You've got to love a sale right??? :-) I tell ya, there is nothing better than a sale and a 10% off your entire purchase coupon for Lowes! The appliances will be delivered the day after we close on the house. I am so happy, I feel like I'm exuding happiness...happiness fuzzies are all over the place at our house this weekend!
I'm counting down the days until we close on the new house! 33 days until we're officially New Home Owners!

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