Friday, February 09, 2007's everywhere you don't want it to be

We have snow. So far it’s been of the light and fluffy variety not that wet heavy kind (hat will break your back when you try to shovel it). I do have to say that the trees have never looked better. I love how they look (especially the pine trees) all covered in frost and snow. I look out the window and see the light glistening off of the snow, it’s beautiful. I see where rabbits have been hopping around looking for a meal or a warmer place to spend the night. It’s all over my kid mobile; I will be shoveling up a storm tomorrow that’s for sure! The only thing I have to say is at least the wind isn’t blowing. It’s a slight breeze at 3 mph…which is a lot better than 30 mph! I made sure to put my wiper blades up so that they don’t stick to the windshield (just a little trick I learned from my hubby back when we were stationed in Maine). I had snow in my shoes; down the neck of my sweater…I was covered in it! It was falling down pretty good when I went out.


Now where is that digital camera of mine? It’s off touring the world with my husband. I don’t know how my 35 mm will do at night in the snow. I’ll try first thing in the morning. Maybe if the kids are lucky we will get enough snow to delay school starting by a couple of hours.


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