Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday

So it's Ash Wednesday, the kick off for Lent. So what am I giving up? Or am I taking on a new personal challenge? I better hurry up and figure it out, the clock is ticking!

Now it wouldn't be right if I gave up beef or fast food since those are things that I rarely ever eat. Could I go 6 weeks without chocolate? I doubt it! Could I go 6 weeks without buying any scrapbooking supplies? I'll be realistic and say "Yeah Right", LOL! Last year I took on a challenge of a personal nature and it really made me grow as a person. I can't say that there's anything remotely close to that challenge out there for me at this moment in time (and I truly give thanks to the Lord that there's not). My challenge had me really gritting my teeth at times.

I'm still going strong on my New Years Resolution of writing a snail mail letter to my Dad, Mom and younger sister every week. I'm also doing well on my picture a day. Which reminds me, I need to print out the journaling and start assembling the pages together. I think that the ESG has their scrapbook meet up this Saturday. Maybe I can get sneak out of the house unseen and hang out there for a couple of hours :-)

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