Friday, February 16, 2007

It's raining it's pouring my old man is snoring...

I have no idea where this post went since I had e-mailed it in an hour here we go

We got the call at 5:20 am this morning; schools are closed because of the icy road conditions. It’s raining pretty hard and the ground is iceberg cold and all of that snow, well that makes black ice. The kids are doing the happy dance, woohoo no school! Everyone is still asleep with the exception of me. Even the cat is sleeping in today. I can’t, I’ve got 4 more gourmet cheesecakes to make today and a house to clean.

I’m so excited about buying a house…I hope to hear back from our realtor today. The sooner we can get everything arranged- movers and a closing date, the better! My husband is such a catch! So the downstairs of this house isn’t finished but the framing is up for the laundry room, bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a utility room (for the water heater and furnace). So there’s my husband measuring and mapping this all out and he comes up with new down stairs plan with an addition of a craft room! And no, unlike where my scrapbook nook is now, I won’t be re-doing the utility room in this house, LOL! The family room area is huge, too huge really. Keeping that in mind, he’s taken a part of that super sized room and created a space for either a home office or in our case a new scrapbook nook. I tell ya he really is a catch! So now the upstairs bedroom will be our home office/guest bedroom. I’m seriously excited about it! I see that he’s even made a house plan with the room and furniture placement…I love this man!

The OSC movie night was really nice. It was held it at one of the squadrons in their auditorium (it’s nice). It was a small turn out but we did well on our collection of baby items for the Family Readiness Center. Many many packages of diapers, baby wipes, shampoo and more were donated. For each item brought a ticket was given for a chance to win one of my gourmet cheesecakes. You’re never going to believe who won this cheesecake…I did, LOL! What a crack up! I told my girlfriend Kim that I’d trade the cheesecake for the candle basket (she won 2 of the great boutique table prizes). Kim is so generous that she just gave me the basket of candles (it was a laundry basket FULL of wonderful scented candles too) telling me that I’ve been so good to her…she made me blush. So there we are in her truck coming home and I got this brain storm of an idea…how about we surprise someone in the neighborhood with this cheesecake? I knew just the person to surprise too J I know how my friend Amber wanted to be the winning bidder on the cheesecake that I had in our auction last year (the one that ended up selling for $135). It turned into a bidding war and lets just say it got out of her price range (heck it was out of my price range too- and I made it). Then last night she brought in many baby items in hopes of winning. So you can only imagine her surprise when I’m ringing her doorbell at a little before 9 pm and I’m giving her this cheesecake. I think that I made my friend cry tears of joy. I had to laugh when she said “this isn’t the whole cheesecake is it?” my reply “yes it is!” Let’s just say I got many hugs and many thanks and call it good. Kim and I just giggled and reveled in our warm fuzzies. The feeling of giving such a surprise like that to someone who does so much for those around her, well it gave both Kim and I such a sense of true joy and happiness. Only a small handful of people here know that I gave the cheesecake away… my pal Kim, my daughter Hannah and of course my friend Amber and her husband.

Now off I go to get dressed and get myself into cooking and baking gourmet cheesecakes!

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