Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lent...what to give up?

While at church today I realized that Lent will soon be upon us. With that in mind I've got to start thinking about what I will be giving up for Lent. I gave up fast food a couple of years ago and let me tell you that was a tough one because my husband was deployed at the time. With a husband away for an extended period of time fat food is a Mother's Helper, LOL! But now I don't really give a 2nd thought to buying fast food for us when my husband is away. I'd much rather prepare a meal from scratch and have us gather around the table and enjoy a meal together.
So here I am, wondering what I will give up for Lent...will it be chocolate? Naw, I've got cheesecakes to bake and I need to be taste testing this stuff, LOL! Will it be Beef? Nope, you can't give up something that you really don't eat in the first place...that's considered to be cheating, LOL! How about not buying scrapbooking products of any kind for 6 weeks? I know that I'd break that one, LOL!!!
Want to know what I gave up last year? Nothing! What I did was to "take on" something...something that was very hard for me to deal with at the time. I took it on and guess what I was able to work through the tough times and develop more compassion and understanding. It was an experience that had it's rough spots but with prayer and true devotion to my Lenten promise, I got through it. I'm considering this kind of thing again for this year. I've got a bit more time to think about it before I commit to something.

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