Wednesday, January 31, 2007

last day of the month

I'm so happy that it really is the last day of January. This has been such a wild month and I hope that February ushers in a calmer less intense month for myself and my family. Only 1 layout to go for my month long picture a day project.

The good thing that I did today was to clear out a huge stack of scrapbooking papers that have been sitting in my "maybe" pile. Maybe I'll use them or maybe I'll donate them. Well a girlfriend called me up with a scrapbooking question and she needed a couple of pieces of cardstock...and since I practically have a store in my house... Any way, I decided to pack up this huge pile of paper and bring along the 2 pieces of cardstock that she needed. I told my girlfriend that she could have it all , that I was culling the herd and taking out stuff I know that I won't use for one reason or another. She was thrilled and wouldn't just let me give it to her. Hey I made some pocket money, had a wonderful mug of real made from scratch hot chocolate (it was seriously delicious!!!). I had a great afternoon and spent it in good company!

Now I'm off to clean up after dinner and to hang out with my husband and children. Did I mention that I started making our change of address cards? Oh yeah! Now to work on getting a new address, LOL!

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