Monday, January 22, 2007

Taking Inventory of My Scrapbook Nook...

I bet if we all started to take inventory of what we actually have on hand we would be floored! I started going through my stock of empty scrapbook albums. Oh my gosh! I have 16 (that's sixteen) 12x12 empty albums, I've got 11 (eleven) empty 6x6 albums and 2 more that are in the process of being filled. Then there's my 8x8 albums...Oh my gosh I've got almost as many of them! And of course the odd ball 8½x11 album, got it at an OSC function. I've got to get off of my duff and get cracking on these albums! I have all sorts of little projects running through my head for these small albums. I am a bit taken back with how many albums I currently own, that's a lot of albums!

Now for me to start going through things like printed paper, cardstock and of course embellishments. If I know what I have, I am less likely to go out and purchase more. I think that everyone would be less apt to spend money knowing that they have the same thing or at least something very similar at home. I've got a stamp inventory, so I know what I have there. Creating that inventory was an eye opening experience, until then I never really realized how many stamps I truly owned. I've not bought a stamp since September 2006, not even one that was on clearance.

Now as you're all wondering... how does one amass a collection like this? Well it certainly wasn't done all at once I can tell you that much. It's nothing more than shopping at good sales and buying items that went on clearance. I know that the majority of my 6x6 K&Company album collection came from the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby. They were seriously marked down deals that I obviously couldn't pass up, LOL! It's a lot of money that I've spent over time so it doesn't feel like I spent that much. Start adding up what you have and you'll soon realize you've got a small fortune tied up on those unused supplies that are hanging out gathering dust and taking up space. So lets get on it and make the commitment to use what you have!!!


Anonymous said...

You inspire me! I've been tossing stuff that I have no intentions of using and most others won't either. Some I'm setting aside for future crops before i move. :D So if it doens't go then, it's going to just get pitched THEN. I need space for my new things from Germany!

Sandie Grisé said...

It's amazing what we "save" isn't it? I started assessing what I have in the embellishments department in my scrapbook nook and came to the conclusion that if my 11 year old daughter is sticking her nose up at them well what makes me think that anyone else would want them. SO with that in mind, off they go...directly into the the trash bin! No use "saving" something that is just taking up space.