Friday, January 26, 2007

No School Today

I never remember having days off from school like my kids do. Today is an in service day for the teachers. That must really be hard for those that have children at home, especially when both parents work or a single parent home. I suppose that's when you either take your kids to work with you or you have a friend take them under her wing for the day.

Here we's windy (when isn't it though). Yesterday was a beautiful day reaching 58º now today is not going to be as warm and delightful as yesterday was but I will encourage my kids to ride their bikes to the park none the less.

I shall work on the pile of scrapbook projects that I didn't get time to work on because of my gabbiness at yesterdays crop. I did manage to get some things done but not to the extent that I had planned for myself. I will finish up my picture a day layouts. I saved them especially to do at this crop and all I managed to do was to crop the pictures and cut the journaling blocks into size...nothing else.

My coffee pot is calling me...Oh do I need some more of that wonderful brown liquid!

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