Monday, January 22, 2007

Taking the weekend off

I took the weekend off to be with my family. Saturday I hung out on the couch or in the recliner. Reading books, magazines articles or watching TV. It was a lazy day and I relished every moment of it. Sunday we attended church chatted with friends afterwards then off to shop at the commissary. While grocery shopping I ran into at least a half dozen (if not more) people that I knew. My friend Theresa was there with a list of ingredients for a recipe from a new cook book. I had to crack up with her list of items, items that she's never bought before. Pancetta and shallots top the list. Even though I giggled, I let her know that the commissary didn't carry pancetta but she could get it at Safeway downtown and I took her by the hand to show her the shallots. I love seeing friends branching out and trying new recipes and new things. Which reminds me...I need to send out reminders for scrapbooking group today!

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