Saturday, January 13, 2007

My ipod and Me

I received an ipod shuffle for Christmas, one of those cute clip on ones. Let me tell you I LOVE that little thing! I can be seen wearing/using it in my scrapbook nook all of the time! Here I am, rocking out to tunes only I can hear...I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy that little bit of privacy. I'm not interrupting anyone else with my noisy "mom" music, LOL! Thank goodness there's a flashing light on my phone or else I might not notice it ringing, LOL! I tell you all that this product rocks! I bought my husband an ipod nano last year for Christmas and he got the cool alarm clock and speakers set up from one of his brothers that same year. What a fun item to that has been for us!

It's a lazy kind of Saturday, sure it's cold outside and it even snowed a wee bit. I have no intention of going out of doors today. I've been doodling around in my scrapbook nook since around 10 am. I come out every once in a while for a cup of tea and a snack of some sort, then back I go. So here I am letting you all know that I'm alive and well, LOL! Lucien's Uncle Tom is doing better but is still in ICU, my mom is hanging in there. She needed some blood so that has set her back a wee bit. So she may have to be an extra day or two in the hospital. My daughter has a friend spending the night tonight...look like a girls weekend to me!

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