Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sandie's 2007 scrapbooking goals

It’s come to my attention that I never posted my Scrapbooking goals for the year. I’m not into having number goals as those are just put an undue amount of stress to crank out pages. I want to devote my time to making quality pages, the numbers will come together on their own.

My scrapping goals for 2007 are as follows...

*to schedule time each week to do nothing but work on layouts or scrapbook related projects.

*to buy less more stock piling of printed paper, cardstock or stamps. And when I do make a purchase it is so that I will use it immediately when I get home.

*to use more of what I have on hand. Heaven knows that I own enough merchandise to start my own store.

*to either sell off or donate the items (tools paper, stickers, etc) that I am no longer using or interested in keeping around.

*to host more crops in my home and making it an enjoyable experience for my girlfriends

*to finish our vacation albums.

*to put more pages in my husband’s career album

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