Thursday, January 18, 2007

another day in my life...

Okay so much for the news, so we received the wrong date for our B-1 bomber story and we saw a small piece on the RIVET plane. So now for me to hunt down the correct date for the B-1 Bomber story., and get back here and post it so we can all watch it together.
Today will prove to be a rather busy day for this Air Force wife. I'm getting food and other pantry items for the Diamond Mart. What's the Diamond Mart you ask? It's a food pantry run by the 1st Sergeants organization here at our Air Force Base. Lets face it, sometimes paychecks can get pretty stretched especially when you have a loved one on deployment. When we have families in need of assistance we step up to the plate. We have food, diapers, soap, detergent and so forth available to these families, at no cost. We don't question their situation, we just help to make ends meet. This is our (AF) way of pitching in and looking after our own. My dear friend Kim has tied this in with our function this month...bring items for the Diamond Mart and get an extra Bingo card...I know that every OSC member is all over this one! I am so lucky to call this woman a friend of mine... Kim is awesome at getting us involved in worthy causes. Next month we're having "Baby Love" and we're all to bring in items for babies...diapers, baby food, formula, blankets and so forth. These items go to the families of newborns here on base. Another very worthy cause! So there's my friend Kim worrying about how she was going to be able to entice our membership to donate to such a worthy cause after they donated this month. I decided that this was a moment for me to step up to the plate, to get involved. So what was it that I was going to do in helping my friend get our membership to donate these much needed items? I'm making a cheesecake, but not just any ole cheese cake, oh no that just won't do! I'm making "Sandie's Death by Chocolate Cheesecake" and you won't find that recipe anywhere on the Internet, trust me I looked! So there is it, bring 5 items (or more) and you are entered in the raffle to win the cheesecake. I hope and pray that this turns out to be a huge success for Kim's community service project for us.

There's an OSC (Officer's Spouses Group) function tonight "Chef's Bingo". So as you know, this is where we're all bringing our food and pantry items. Our programs director Angela has yet another fabulous event planned out for us. We're going to have some speakers from "My Girlfriend's Kitchen" come talk to us about what they do and of course there's our Bingo...where the prizes are out of this world! When Angela was giving me the run down on them I was floored! Mission Support Group is the host this month and let me tell you, I've never been more proud to represent a group of spouses. I've always been a bomber wife, been active with the various bomb squadrons because my husband is a flier. I've only really seen one aspect of military life and that's the aviators view of it. So I do welcome this change of view and am throwing myself into it. I love it! I love seeing the support side of the mission, to see the behind the scene work that goes on in taking care of our military families. This sense of fulfillment washes over me every time I do something with this wonderful group of people. It's knowing that I do make a difference in the lives of others around me.

So anyway...Mission Support Group Spouses are hosting this month's event. We're also in charge of the Boutique table (that's where we sell things that we all donated for this) and we have table decorations as well. I'm so exited about tonight! I got all of the goodies together for the table decorations, everything tucks nicely into a good sized gift bag. We have the following items in the gift bags; a spring form pan (one of either an 8,9 or 10 inch size), a recipe for a fancy cheesecake, an 8x11 wooden cutting board, a wonderful sized wooden spoon perfect for stirring cake batter, and a sheet of reusable parchment paper. This are things that I thought we items that everyone could use! I hope that everyone who receives one of these tonight as a door prize enjoys it tremendously! I've also got some fun items for the boutique table...a Wilton Checkerboard cake pan set with mixes. I love making these types of cakes and I hope that others will enjoy it too! Of course there's that basket of Coffee and last but not least a New York Cheesecake! I can hardly wait to see what others are bringing for the boutique table.

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