Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lets make something FUN!

So here I am thinking WOW, a day to myself? Well I do have things to get done but not to the extent that it's going to take all day. Contact a couple of doctors, write out a check or three, put away some know that sort of daily stuff that always needs to get done.
So after that I'm off to my craft room to create something, what that something is I do not know, but I want to make something FUN! I want to make some nice greeting cards to send to friends, to let them know that I'm thinking about them, something nice and thoughtful looking. I also should print out the journaling and the photo's to go with my picture a day album. I now see why the person who did that project did it all at once at the end of the month. When life gets hectic, getting it all done at one time can seem a rather daunting task.
I found out last month that the Enlisted Spouses club Scrapbooking Group meets once a month at one of the chapels here on base. I think that it's the last Saturday of the month and it's an all day long scrapbook meet up. I think that I could have my photo's and pictures printed and just put them all together there. It would give me something to do and I can socialize at the same time. Hmmmm I need to think some more about this.
Alright I'm off for another steamy mug of coffee and to get my chores done so I can play in my scrapbook nook!

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