Wednesday, January 03, 2007

is it Wednesday or Monday?

Well I know that it's Wednesday but it's feeling like a Monday to me! I had to meet with the school nurse at Hannah's school, then meet with the school nurse at Andrew's school...all before 8 am. Of course my husband forgot something and I need to bring it to him at work, I have a board report to write (did that). Now to finish up a layout stuff it in an album and bring it with me to the board meeting I need to attend at 9:30 am. After the board meeting we have a budget review historian position needs more funds (I think that I'm down to abound $30). Meanwhile I have to figure out how I'm going to get to the post office before it closes, take Hannah to her post operative appointment and get some other things done around here...all before 12 noon.

I really do wonder how women who work outside of the home get things done. Stuff has to be deferred, there's no way about it. The home must be a mess unless you're just a total nag about it to your family OR you have a house keeper. My friend Jane who worked a really long day (longer than most folks do) had her kids out the door by 5 am and off to before school day care, then she went off to work. She was home by 7pm with the kids, slammed out some dinner then off to bed they went. It was like this 5 days a week. The weekends were all about getting caught up with "other things" such as soccer games, laundry, grocery shopping and house cleaning. She once told me that she felt like a visitor in her own home because all she and her family did was sleep and eat there, as we (meaning the children and myself) actually live in our home. I think that I would have a nervous breakdown if I had to do what I do now and work full time...there is no way I could swing it, not at all! As I see it, I have a full time job (and then some) just taking care of my family and their needs. I don't need the pressure of trying to make my time stretch even more to attempt to put more things into my day than I already do. I have my priorities set, I know what is most important to me and it's my family...they will always come first. I enjoy scrapbooking and card making and being the Historian for the Ellsworth OSC has been a lot of fun. It's not high pressure and I continue to have fun with it :-) Volunteering is important to be as I feel that we all need to give back to our one way or another. Giving of ones time seems to be in great need no matter where you live.

Well I've got to finish up something then pack up and get ready to meet my husband and go to a board meeting....

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