Monday, January 22, 2007

Making a dent in my scrapbooking stash

Okay I took the weekend off now what...I'm back in my scrapbook nook working on getting my overlays into 12x12 page protectors and into a 3 ring album for storage. I read an article on organizing and this was one of the suggestions...I like the idea but don't know if I really have room for it in my scrapbook nook. I have limited space and frankly a 12x12 binder of sorts just will not fit in here, LOL! But I have room in one of 2 places, my armoire or the linen closet. Well the more I think about it, I think that the linen closet is nearing maximum capacity. I don't know how much longer I can stand being in such confined quarters. So with that very thought in mind I'm making every effort to use the supplies that I have on hand to make a dent in my stash and hopefully free up some space in my scrapbook nook.
I admit it, I'm a scrapbook supply hoarder, it's a harsh word but there it is. I've really got to stick to my no buy commitment use up these supplies and not buy more paper or embellishments other than adhesive to complete a project that is in the works. Lets face it, the scrapbook industry thrives off of those of us that buy the merchandise but never use them or only use a select few items that are in our stash. Why are we saving it in the first place? LOL! I subscribe to Big Picture Scrapbooking newsletter, and frankly there's a class that has captured my interest in a major way..."Product Playground". It's something right up my alley, it's for those of us that have resolved to using up more of our scrapbooking stash in 2007. It's $35 for a 6 week course. I'm going to bring this up at the crop on Thursday. It's something that I think my friends and I me I know which ones of us hoard supplies...Kim, Susan, Theresa and most of all myself! I admit it, I'm terrible when it comes to hoarding supplies. I have more "stuff" than I could use in a year! If it weren't for me being do darn anal about having to have cardstock matching my printed papers ever so perfectly I would have made a bigger dent in the old stash 2006. But by being OSC Historian I've actually started to make a small (and only noticeable to myself) dent in my own personal stash. My picture a day scrapbooking project is helping me to use up embellishments and cardstock scraps that have been hanging around here for ages. Even with those projects I need to push myself into getting more done and making my way through the tons of photo's that I have that need to find their away into layouts and albums.
So who's with me? Lets all make a commitment to using up our scrapbooking supply stash in 2007 and limiting our scrapbooking purchases.

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