Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Our boy has braces

Now he can stop asking when he's getting braces and start asking when they'll be coming off. I'm sure that his teeth/jaws will be a bit sore later on today, but for now he's doing okay.

Our daughter has a new OG appliance that she is to wear during the day (since she can't seem to keep it in her mouth throughout the night).

I had planned on taking my family out to dinner tonight BUT one small seems that the restaurant that I have a $50 gift certificate to is closed for "Winter Break". Personally speaking I've never heard of such a thing, they'll re-open on the 8th of January.

I've got to print out my pictures and journaling for the 1st and today. I've also got to finish making my embellishments for my month long scrapbook project. I'll call it "a year in my life", sounds good to me :-)

I picked up the OSC November function pictures today and will cut and mount them today. I've also got to write my board report for tomorrows board meeting. Which reminds me, I suppose that I need to attempt to figure out how much more money I will need to ask for during our budget you see, I'm down to under $30 (I started with $300). I'm making four 12x12 albums, that's a lot of pictures, paper, card stock, embellishments, adhesive and more! Part of me feels bad because if I'm cornered into showing others the past historians work and comparing it to my own work...well it's going to look like I'm trying to show off. I want to give a nice looking "quality" made scrapbook. After all, I'm representing our Ellsworth OSC plus three of the albums are gifts, one to the president of the club, then the other 2 albums go to the honorary president and vice president who are the wind commanders spouse and the vice wing commanders spouse. I'm sorry but I can't give some wanky made album to these ladies, they've worked too hard and have volunteered so much of their time ...they deserve to have a nice well made album. I have to say it, the past historian did a horrible job, it's like she didn't care what so ever. For someone who sells scrapbooking supplies, she didn't do a good job, heck she didn't even do a mediocre job. It looks sloppy and there's no attention to details, no names of new members, heck very little journaling has been done beyond the menu...and who really cares about what we ate? I mean really? Years from now when I look at my album I don't want to read that we had a garden salad, ham, green beans almondine and scalloped potatoes for dinner, I want to know the names of the people in the pictures! That's why I've got a copy of our OSC news letter in pocket for every month! So we can look back and read about all of the other little details that weren't covered in the journaling.

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