Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years Day!

It's New Years Day and with that in mind, we've taken down the last of the indoor Christmas decorations and the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Our dining room is back to normal (for the most part). Now to get the carpet cleaned...again.

So what have I been up to on this first day of the year... First off I made some darling greeting cards, finished up my month long scrapbooking project and then I scrubbed down my entire kitchen, pulled out everything from the pantry/laundry room, re-arranged it, pulled out stuff that can go into storage, scrubbed the floors of the laundry room and's so shiny I can see myself, well not really but it is pretty darn clean, LOL! Then after that I made fudge, then I made a gingerbread cake using my nifty Nordicware gingerbread kinder loaf pan (it's just too cute!) and then I made some wonderful low calorie jello parfaits. I guess that you could say that I was in the mood for something sweet and call it good, LOL!

I like the idea of starting the New Year off with a clean kitchen. Bleach, hot water and a scrub brush really do the trick when disinfecting your kitchen!

Last night while at the Murder Mystery party I saw that our hostess (whose house is the same plan as ours) had these nifty wire shelves on the little pantry door. I'm going to give her a call tomorrow and find out where she got them as they are an unusual size (the door is quite narrow). I could really use some for our little pantry store my bags of chocolate chips...I only found about a dozen bags of various kinds of chocolate chips while cleaning out my pantry today and frankly I need a place to store them in plain sight so I can use them up.

Tomorrow our son Andrew gets his braces...I'm bringing the camera for this momentous occasion. I see that Before and After pictures will be warranted, after all I AM a scrapbooker!

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