Friday, January 05, 2007

Work is a 4 letter word

And house work is the worst one! It's amazing that this little house is always in need of some attention. Laundry, dishes, putting stuff away, making beds cleaning out the garage and so forth. I've got a box in the dining room that needs to be taken out into the garage. It's full of items that I took out of the pantry to make room for other items that I use more often.

I look at the carpet that we have in this military house of ours; it's cheap apartment grade that needed to be replaced years before we moved in here. There are mysterious stains that reappear a week after we clean them. Oh well what can you do, you live with it that's what. If I owned this place I'd be pretty upset, then again I would have installed a better quality carpet and padding than the cheapo apartment grade stuff that the military housing folks put in here.

So what am I looking at getting done today? My Scrapbooking Nook is in need of some attention. I've got another month long series to pictures and journaling to get done. I need to print out the pictures for the 29th and the 31st of December. Have the journaling done but no picture...too funny!

Tonight I have a 3 hour long Heart Link session to attend. Here at these kinds of meetings we get the real scoop on deployments and such. They really are a worth while event to attend.

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