Monday, January 29, 2007

It's Monday like no other...

As I look at this blustery Monday I have my friends here at Ellsworth AFB on my mind. This is the first full day that their husbands and wives are gone on their 6 month deployment for the war effort. I know that for many of the spouses that this is their first deployment. Six months is a long time, but with the many support groups here available to them they will make it through this tough time...none of them are alone in this. I will be doing my part as a friend, key spouse and mentor to help these families to maintain a level of harmony and happiness in their homes. I've been there, I know how lonely it can be, especially the first's rough. Please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers.

It's blustery, there's no doubt about that! The wind is howling around 40 mph with gusts up to 50 mph. In other words...if you don't need to be outside, do go outside! I went and chased down my neighbors trash cans and brought them back to the front of her house. Why her sons don't help her out is beyond me. But I'm not about to let those garbage cans go flying down the road and damage someones automobile and then have my neighbors get in trouble for it...there's no need for it. So, I suited up against the freezing temperatures and got those cans!

We have Girl Scouts this afternoon and our topic today is eating disorders. I can't drive this topic home enough. Eating disorders start in girls as young as 10years old. It's scary to think that they could see themselves being anything other than normal, but it happens and more frequently then we care to think about.

I went to a crop on Saturday afternoon with the ESG (enlisted spouses group). I had a terrific time! I plan to attend their monthly crops. They meet at the chapel annex the last Saturday of every month. I'm trying to talk them into a pot luck where we all bring something to share and the organizer of this event (my friend Heather) seemed to think that it was a good idea. And you know that I'd make a "special" chesecake for them :-)

Okay now for some HOT tea because it is cold city USA out here today!

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