Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just being there...

I received a phone call from a girlfriend this morning (just after I finished blogging). Poor thing was having a rough time with it today. Her husband is deployed and it was one of "those" days when things start off wrong and it just escalates into what seems to be one very bad day. I had things to do before I was able to go over and I let her know that I will be there but it's going to be at least an hour until I can get over to her house. Poor thing let me know that she went back to bed during that time. I can tell that she was pretty stressed out. Playing the single parent game with 3 kids and no family near by to help you out can be rough. You don't want to impose on your friends yet there's no other way of getting things done with 3 kids who are all in sports programs. I know that I've had days where I just need to vent to a girlfriend...and today was my friends' turn. I'm truly glad that I was able to get there for her and I hope that I was able to leave her feeling better about herself. She feels that she's let her kids down during this deployment...I let her know that they love her no matter what. So she overslept this morning and one of her boys missed basketball practice...who in their right mind has kids playing basketball at 6 am anyway? Sheesh! I think that showing up with goodies in hand and us having brunch together was a good thing and that we should do it more often.

Yup, it's another thing to put on my list of things I want to do in 2007...schedule "quality time" to spend with my girlfriends. Having brunch or lunch and just hanging out together for a hour or two makes all the difference in the world to how one feels on the inside. Knowing that there are friends that care about you and listen to you and help you to feel better when you're feeling down, yup that's what friendship is all about!

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