Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Are you able to see your Blessings in Disguise?

How do you pray? Are you always asking God for something? Better yet what do you pray for? Is it to win the lottery? Is it for that brand new car you've always wanted? Is it for monetary gain or material things? Or is it something more? The way I look at it, prayer can be a 2 way street. We're always asking God for things but why can't it also be a way for us to give back?

I'm usually not so sharing when it come to my religious beliefs, I keep it tucked away close to my heart. But I want to share more. So here are some things that I ask the Lord to help me with...

*to be a good friend, to listen and to be able to be there when people are in need...not just of money but to have a truly caring person there by their side through good times and bad.

*to have patience...with my children, my husband, friends and family. To have patience while waiting for news from the Air Force if and or when we will be moving.

*to have be able to carry myself well during trying times or better yet with people and situations that try my patience.

*to be more understanding of people and situations.

*to be charitable...not just with money but with my time. Most organizations don't have a problem with funding, it's getting the people to commit their time to the community.

But most of all I want to be able to see the blessings that are not always clear. To be able to appreciate them for what they are. A year ago all I could think of was to get out of here, to be able to get to New England to be near my husbands family. But the more I think about it, the more I know that it would be highly beneficial to stay here. Our son is really starting to open up and make friends here and that's not something that comes to him easily. I fear that another move would have him clamming up again. He would once again be at a new school in a new area having to make new friends all over again. Andrew isn't like Hannah, they are two very different people in regards to making friends. Hannah is an open bubbly sort of child more like her Momma who can find friends where ever they go But our boy Andrew , he's more like his Dad, quiet and reserved. Always assessing the situation, not putting his emotions out on his sleeve for everyone to see.

I've opened my heart to the Lord and I am here to accept what ever it is that the Air Force hands to us. I will not take it as a huge disappointment but accept it for what it is...just another opportunity.

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