Thursday, January 25, 2007


I don't know about you but I'm a gadget and tool person. From the kitchen to the scrapbook nook I love gadgets and tools! My QuicKutz tool and dies are no exception. I'm not saying that it's better than my Sizzix, no not even close. What I am saying is that they compliment one another, I can't think of one without thinking of the other. I love the compact shape and the portability aspect of the QuicKutz but seriously folks...I'm not about to take it to a crop. It's just one less thing to worry about losing or getting broken.

So today we're making recipe pages for our recipe scrapbook. The die cutter of choice today is QuicKutz. Why QuicKutz instead of Sizzix, it's the dies themselves. The garden tools dies (a spade and a hand rake) are perfect for the Baked potato soup recipe page with has garden themed paper on it, which happens to have a hand rake and a spade (too cute). The other is the Honu, the Hawaiian word Turtle. The design is of a Hawaiian origin of a Sea Turtle. When we were in Hawaii in 2005 we saw this design everywhere we went. So I thought that it was very appropriate for this recipe layout.

The variety of shapes and designs from QuicKutz is amazing! Granted they are small but you know what, they're perfect for making cards or when you need a small accent on a scrapbook layout. I called the lss (local scrapbooking store) that carries QuicKutz dies and asked if they had the die I was looking for (the spade and hand rake) they did and they put it aside for me. I grabbed the car keys and I was out the door! There's nothing like a 25% off sale when you need a little tool! I didn't buy any scrapbooking anything but that die! So I'm staying with my plan of not buying supplies. A little die now and again won't hurt my budget or my plans to reduce the paper and cardstock supply. Actually it helped me to reduce the pile a bit :-) So with that in mind, I want to tell you all that I made 14 page kits with paper and cardstock that I have on hand. I feel pretty darn good about getting this paper out of my scrapbook nook and into a great project! I used up some of my terrific scraps of Bazzill cardstock for the die-cuts. I feel pretty good with it all today! Yup I'm reducing and sharing with others...what a great feeling! Hey here's an enabler alert...need some QuicKutz dies? Head on over to Scrappin Ladies 2 in Rapid City (Pierre too for that matter) as they have all QuicKutz items on sale for 25% off!!!!

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