Friday, January 19, 2007

What a wonderful evening

Our OSC Chef's Bingo was a terrific event! Many great prizes and the boutique table was chuck full of some truly great items. I've yet to upload my photo's to my computer (I hope that they turned out well). The gift bags on the tables were a terrific hit! Every person whose name was drawn loved their "loot bag". The contents of the bag consisted of the following;
*a spring form pan (one of either of these sizes) 8, 9 or 10 inches
*a gourmet cheesecake recipe that is pan size specific
*a nice wooden spoon that has a wide spoon face
*an 8x11 wooden cutting board one side flat the other side has the groove to catch juices
*a sheet of reusable parchment. This is very much like a silpat with one exception that you can cut this down to fit in your pans without hesitation. The price was only $6.50 for the reusable parchment versus the $40 price tag on a silpat of the same size.
* last but not least is the beautiful gift bag that can be reused

Bingo prizes were-
*a gift certificate for 6 meals from My Girl Friends Kitchen
*professional 6 quart Kitchen-aid mixer
*Kitchen-aid Blender
*Cuisinart grind and brew coffee pot
* a panini grill press (I didn't catch the brand but should be able to tell from the pictures)
The food was fabulous! It was a brunch with Amaretto french toast, blueberry blintz and many
other yummy breakfast items. The club really did a fantastic job hosting this event for us. Now for me to look at the pictures and to get them scrapped and into the albums!

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