Wednesday, January 17, 2007

my camera...

Do I love my camera? Yes I suppose that I do. As I see it, It helps me to put the world on paper. My digital camera is a Kodak easy share DX7440. Now it's probably been replaced with something else better and slimmer because that's what the industry does these days; but hey I don't care. A friend asked me if I liked my camera and they way it took pictures, of course I said yes. But what I didn't tell her is how durable the darn thing is. I have dropped it and I mean hard! At least 4 times now (each time on concrete too). I know that I had Angels watching over me each time I dropped it, trust me dropping a camera the way that I did would normally do some serious damage.

When shopping for a camera look at the consumer reports guide and see what's been written up on the camera that you are interested in buying. I'm not into all of the bells and whistles, I don't need to dial in aperture settings and such. I just want to point click and snap! Okay so on occasion I zoom in and take micro shots of flowers with bees buzzing around the,, but I'm able to do that as well. Play with the ones on the display stands, how do they feel in your hand? Think about the kinds of things that you want to take pictures of and go from there.

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