Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Toss, Sell or Donate...just do it!

Yesterday afternoon I started pulling out all kinds of scrapbooking items and sorted them by what I wanted to do with them... I have the following piles of stuff; give away to friends, donate to a charity, sell it on e-bay or our local thrift shop and of course the ever so popular just toss it in the trash!. I have idea books (hard cover), albums, paper, embellishments and more. These are things I'm keeping around Why? If there aren't at least 10 ideas in any one given idea book that I want to try out then why bother keeping them, they are just taking up space. And as you all know, space is at a premium here in My Scrapbook Nook. I figure that some of these can fetch a decent penny and others...we'll I'll check to see if any friends want them, if not then off to the trash they go!

Lets face it, as women we hold on to all stuff (be it scrapbooking stuff or old clothes) because of the following reasons;
1-we remember how much we paid for it
2-Oh the memories
3-it looks cool on the shelf or on the hanger
4-Wow how impressive to show everyone how much cardstock I have (even though more than half of it is of inferior quality that you would never use in a million years)
5-someone gave it top you and you don't want to insult them by getting rid of it
6- it might come back in style

I say lets work past these reasons and just get rid of it!!!!

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