Thursday, January 11, 2007

it's going to be a Cold Day on the Prairie

Okay, so I didn't get to do exactly what I had planned on doing, but I did get to read through an entire scrapbook magazine!

Now for today's list of things to do...make something yummy for my family to come home to. That could include baking some chocolate chip cookies :-) Or maybe some yummy cupcakes. I do need to give my new cupcake pan a test drive. It's one that looks like ice cream cones (by Nordicware). My others new cake pans are also by Nordicware...I'll write more about them over in my new blog all about cooking. Check it out when you have time. I haven't done a great deal to it yet but I have plans to make it a fun read!

Currently it's -10° outside and yes that includes the wind chill, we always factor in the windchill out have to or else you'd freeze to death! The wind is howling something awful right now and it's only supposed to get worse as the day goes on. Yeah this is something I want to be out and about thanks! But I am driving my kids to school in this weather because;1-I don't want to have them waiting out in this weather for the bus because frost bite sets in rather fast in these conditions and 2- the buses are NOT heated and that's also putting my children at risk. So I'm going to brave it and go outside and warm up the kid mobile to it will be toasty warm for all of us to drive to school (reminder to self to turn on seat warmers).

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