Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A day without Hot Water

There's nothing quite like an icy shower to get you up and screaming first thing in the morning. For some time now our water heater has been acting a little finicky and today it just didn't want to provide us with any hot water. We had someone come out form housing maintenance to work on it...lets see if it produces hot water now. It could be that the thermostat has stopped working and might need to be replaced. So in a couple of hours I might be able to get a shower...I don't know yet.

This morning it's cold outside, a whopping -8º with the windchill index...w/o the windchill it's a whole 0º and that's just too cold for me! I'm going to make some Chai Tea and maybe whip up some scones...that sure sounds yummy! Then it's off to the computer to get some photo printing and journaling done for my picture a day project.

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