Monday, January 15, 2007

my messy little scrapbook nook

Oh my gosh I've been in my scrapbook nook for hours putting things away in there. When I get to working on a project I make a mess! I'm also taking this opportunity to go through things, toss what I know I will not use, put stuff in a "donate" bin and sort my paper scraps and put them away.

I read a couple of scrapbook room article and looked at some magazines. I tell ya, the one room I saw done all in beige...eeeek! Where's the color? Where the life? The creativity???? I saw that and thought, wow what a snooze-a-rama looking room! I love my room being a bright sunny yellow, it inspires me to create. I have an online friend that painted her walls to look like SEI papers when they first came was cool looking then and it's still cool looking now! I've seen scrapbook rooms with fire places and others with tons of built in cabinets. The ones that I love the most are the ones that get creative with their space, that use color and decorate with their supplies. Jars of ribbon, buttons or Primaflowers along a shelf or a spice rack filled with bottles of MM paints (just too cute). Yeah, I've got some scrapbook room envy, but you know what...I won't be in the utility closet for forever!

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